Canyoning gear and equipment

Canyoning is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques, canyoning gear, and other equipment. According to Red Bull, Canyoning is one of the world’s fastest growing adventure sports in the world. Canyoning adventures may include outdoor activities like walking, scrambling, climbing and jumping. So whether you’re going canyoning in Bosnia, or heading off on a canyoning adventure anywhere around the world, you need the best canyoning equipment and technical gear. For canyoning in Bosnia, Our Outdoor team used only canyoning equipment and technical gear, world-renowned manufacturer.

Essential Canyoning gear list

This is a list of essential canyoning gear and equipment we use in each of our canyoning adventures. Of course, depending on requirements …

Canyoning helmet

1) Special canyoning helmet

First Outdoor Tara canyoning rule is keep your head safe. The absolute last thing you want to happen in the canyon is that you on the head falls the rock and head injuries. Canyoning helmet provides protection during your canyoning adventure. We use only helmets come with safety certifications and are specifically designed for the challenges inherent to climbing, rappelling, and canyoning. For your safety, Outdoor Tara team only use special designed Spreu Boote canyoning helmets.

2) Best Neoprene Wetsuit for Canyoning

Good neoprene wetsuit can really save your the canyoning day. The wild canyons like Hrcavka canyon hold water that never sees the light of day. If you’re going to spend a couple of hours wading and swimming through cold water, you’re going to want some extra layers for warmth! For the warmth of your body, we use the best Seland wetsuits for canyoning. SELAND was founded in 1984 and their philosophy is quality products. Seland products included canyoning, surfing, fishing, and other equipment.

canyoning wetsuits

3) Canyoning shoes and boots

This is shoes made specifically for canyoning. Most of the canyoning tours require neoprene shoes or boots that will keep you away from unexpected slips and they’ll keep you warm while you get in and out of the water. Seland and Vade Retro are world famous manufacturers of Canyoning gear. We carefully choose each piece of canyoning equipment we use. We use only the proven canyoning gear of world-renowned manufacturers.

4) Gloves for canyoning

Canyoning gloves are particularly helpful on dry ropes, which run faster, which can be rough on your hands.

Technical canyoning gear

Technical Canyoning gear includes the canyoning ropes, rope anchors, harness, carabiners, and other technical equipment. Using the correct technical gear It’s very important in canyoning.

canyoning ropes

Canyoning ropes

For Canyoning we need ropes. Sometimes we need to climb safely down the cliff in the canyon. Outdoor Tara professional guides are always caring for your safety during canyoning tour. We use Beal ropes in our canyoning expedition. Beal is a world leader in the production of climbing ropes. The ropes are designed by a Beal made specifically for canyoning.


Using the correct technical gear is where important. Carabiners are very important gear for canyoning. This part of equipment use to attach ourselves and as to create rope anchors. Carabiners should be of high quality. In the market, the best carabiners products are Beal, Petzl and Austrial pin

Professional harness for canyoning

Harness is a important gear of many different adrenaline sports such as canyoning for example. Herness are use in Alpinism, climbing and canyoning. It is important that Canyoning harness combines the comfort of a mountaineering harness with the abrasion-resistance and shape necessary for canyoning. Harness has rope attachments and other necessary equipment. Apart from safety, you need to feel comfortable using the harness. Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving. We made a good choice for you safety and comfortable using Aventure Verticale herness.


Descenders are the most important part of canyoning equipment when it comes to technical gear. There are different types of descenders and different manufacturer.  We use depending on your needs.

Other gear for canyoning …

These were the most essential parts of canyoning gear but there’s always room for other necessary equipment what you might need. Probably the most important are: knives, whistles, first aid kit, fresh water, and many other helpful tools like a compass.

Canyon Hrcavka: Testing filed for canyoning equipment and technical gear

We spend a lot of time out in the field testing canyoning gear that we use. One of them the place is canyon Hrcavka. Hrcavka is a river in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a part of the National Park Sutjeska. The Hrcavka canyon is one of the most gorgeous wild canyons, located in the National Park Sutjeska.  The narrow canyon of the river Hrcavka has many verticals (up to 10m), waterfalls, deep natural pools, and waterslides. Hrcavka is the ideal place for canyoning adventure. We use various alpine and canyoning gear, to overcome this wild canyon.

canyoning gear

Outdoor Tara Team

We are a team of outdoor recreation and adventure sports enthusiasts. All our tour guides are proven experts in their field. Through the season (early – May to late – September) we offer a diverse range of outdoor programs including canyoning, hiking, rafting and more!

All our guides speak English, also they are licensed by ICOpro (international canyoning organization for professionals) and IRF (international rafting federation).

Outdoor Tara Team

Outdoor Tara canyoning equipment

The environments for canyoning can be cold and abrasive. We offer the toughest and most robust equipment. Our wetsuits are two layer 5mm Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, so as a minimum you will be covered in 10mm of wetsuit. Our harnesses, helmets, buoyancy aids and ropes are all top quality. At our company we believe that footwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment. We provide specialized canyoning boots for all our customers, so you feel confident safe and secure in the Canyon environment.

Be safe, keep exploring, and enjoy the canyons with us!