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Canyoning or Canyoneering is an exciting outdoor adventure that is gaining  popularity for the masses. It involves using a variety of techniques ranging from walking, jumping and scrambling to abseiling and rock climbing. He in itself is a bit of a multi-sport adventure. Canyoning isn’t just an adrenaline hit, it’s an inimitable and unforgettable way to explore and enjoy beautiful natural spaces in a manner that’s otherwise simply not possible.


True canyoning adventure

Bosnia and  Montenegro is a true outdoor adventure paradise. Outdoor Tara has been organizing adventures tours for the last seven years with different levels of difficulty to choose from. From an easy hike to a challenging jump-gorge, subterranean pools or high waterfalls. We offer everything a canyoning heart can wish for! At our adventure tour, you have the opportunity to experience true adventure even if you have never been in a harness.

Discover the Best Canyoning Destinations

If you are an Adrenalin lover and love to explore the hidden nature, if you love outdoor adventure activity, if you look water sport, the Outdoor Tara offers a great fun activity in Bosnia and Montenegro.

Now, We offer 2 of the best canyoning adventures in the Balkans: Canyon Hrcavka and  Nevidio.

Canyoning Hrcavka

Hrcavka is Excellent combination of adrenaline canyoning in a magical and newly explored canyon of the river Hrcavka. This is one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Hrcavka River is an exclusive watercourse of National Park Sutjeska, as its entire flow of 13 km belongs to this park. Being located in the totally protected and remote area of Europe’s last jungle – Perućica Rainforest, this wild canyon has remained unexplored for centuries.

Nevidio Adventure

Nevidio canyon is one of the last conquered canyons of Europe, in August 1965. The canyon is part of river Komarnica which originates at the south side of mountain Durmitor. Nevidio canyon is 3.5 km long and only 50 cm wide at some places. Due to the low light conditions and cold waters of Komarnica river an almost surreal flora and fauna is present in this area. The canyon is filled with many waterfalls, exciting rapids and basins full of wild trout. Imagine yourself in the heart of a spectacular canyon, diving into the turbulent waves, descending down the cliffs and waterfalls through meter wide narrow passages. It is one of the biggest adrenaline challenges in this part of Europe.

Canyoning Our passion

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Our passion is that you have an unforgettable day of adventure with Us

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These are small group tours so you get the most out of it. This is NOT mass tourism.

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When we say ‘Real  Adventure’ – we really mean it. We consistently receive feedback that our trip is way more adventurous and exciting than expected.

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FREE photos – We  offer a free photo service so you can focus on the adventure.

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All our guides speak English, also they are licensed by ICOpro and IRF .

Canyoning  Tour highlights

The indescribable beauty of the canyon Hrcavka and Nevidio.

  • Mysterious inaccessibility
  • Incredible waterfalls
  • Delicious, authentic food, local recipes
  • Wild nature and beauty
Canyon adventure

At our tour, you have the opportunity to experience true adventure even if you have never been in a harness.

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