Canyoning in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land of majestic wild nature and rich cultural heritage. From crystal clear rivers ideal for canyoning to fascinating Ottoman architecture. Bosnia and Herzegovina have some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the world. Bosnia is one of the great places should be visited at least once in your lifetime. You can choose among spectacular mountain ranges, sparkling emerald lakes such as Trnovacko Heart-Shaped Lake and national parks like National Park Sutjeska with a great place for canyoning.

Bosnia wild nature

National park Sutjeska

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the home of Perućica. According to Unesco Perućica is the last primeval forests in modern Europe. The highest peak of the Maglić Mountain (2386) is also located within the national park Sutjeska and at the same time is the highest peak in the whole country. People visiting the National Park Sutjeska because they want to experience the beautiful untouchable nature. The national park has many beautiful hiking trails, the longest of which is 22 kilometers. Adrenaline lovers have the opportunity to feel the canyoning in the canyon Hrcavka located in the national park.

great place for canyoning

Canyon Hrcavka

Hrčavka is a river in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a part of the National Park Sutjeska. The Hrcavka canyon is one of the most gorgeous wild canyons and one of the best canyoning places in Europe. The narrow canyon of the river Hrcavka has many verticals (up to 10m), waterfalls, deep natural pools, and water slides. Canyoning Hrcavka is a great place for your canyoning adventure with a lot of jumping, swimming, water sliding, and abseiling in green water. Discover canyon Hrcavka in complete safety with Outdoor Tara professional guides. For canyoning, we don’t need any special experience. We only need the goodwill and desire for canyoning adrenaline adventure. After wearing a vest, helmet and neoprene pants and a shirt, your expedition can begin.

best-canyoning places in Europe

Canyoning adventure with Us

Your Bosnia Canyoning adventure  with us, will give you lots of adrenaline and emotions in a wild and unspoiled canyon. Canyoning means the discent of a stream through natural canyons carved into the rock. It is a really fun in the warm summer days. Our professional Canyoning guides will take care of you step by step starting from the wearing of wetsuit, helmet and harness. After that, starts your real canyoning adventure. Canyon Hrcavka is really fascinating and the emotions felt in this wild canyon will stay with you long after.

Bosnia canyoning adventures

Life’s supposed to be an adventure. In Bosnia, there are many places where you can experience an unforgettable canyoning adventures. Canyoning is one of them. We believe that all adventures begin with a desire to know and experience more. Our Outdoor Tara team specialize in providing an adventure experience unlike any other. Canyon Hrcavka is one of them.

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