The first and most important thing you need to know is that hiking a mountain trail is an excellent exercise that increases our mental strength. Today, Our lives are busier than ever. With so many options, there’s a plethora of reasons to always be busy. A person naturally gets tired of being busy. Also, the trend of urbanization—which swallows up natural areas and cuts people off from natural surroundings—is typically used to explain the weakening human connection to nature. Further more, we are working are jobs, running from place to place, constantly fighting to survive in this material world…

But everyone of us feels there is something off in our way of life today, like there is something missing, something that we used to do… Then we see some picture or video with beautiful, untouched nature in it and we remember what it was:

1. The soothing and liberating power of nature

99% of human history, we’ve lived in symbiosis with nature and now we barely see it through surrounding buildings. In order to survive this material race we’re living, from time to time we must find a place where we can literally step off the grid, unwind, recalibrate, reconnect back to the sacredness of the natural world. There is something liberating in  the fact that you are heading out into nature for a night or more. It’s like your ready to take on the world and that feeling stayes with you throughout the entire journey.

2. Peaceful time for ourselves

The simplicity of hiking is beautiful and just taking some time out and tuning into yourself gives you chance to reflect, recharge and reconnect with yourself. Also, hiking has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression by quietening the mind and allowing you to zone in on your breathing to a part meditative state.

3. Physical benefits

Physically, the benefits are numerous. First of all hiking makes you strong. It’s a great way to exercise and every good hiking trail forces you to use all your muscless whether is clambering over uneven surfaces and navigating your way around rocks, or going under or over fallen trees, across streams and over tree roots… Best of all, it’s way less boring then runnig or hitting the gym.

4. Sense of exploration and accomplishment

Hiking can be really challenging because sometimes is really hot or cold or it’s raining…In times like this you will find yourself asking what the hell am i dong here. But when you take your last step and arive to your beautiful destination you’re rewarded with the beautiful sense of accomplishment and a glowing feeling of pride, confidence, and self-belief. Going through various hiking trails makes you remember that there are always new places to go and that this planet is truly wonderful and also gives you the joy of discovery.

5. To have some fun, relax and enjoy with people

Spending time in nature is good for your mind, body, and soul. Also, hiking is a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love, whether is your friends, family or people you just meet. Paddling in streams, building dens and eating picnics connects people in a way that technology could never do.

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Tara River Canyon Top Hiking Trail

Hiking the Tara River Canyon is a gorgeous travel adventure. The Tara River Canyon is 1.333 m deep, making it the deepest in Europe, and the second deepest in the world, after the Colorado canyon. Most of the Tara River (including its canyon) is under UNESCO protection as part of the Durmitor National Park. The last nearly 40 km is on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Montenegro.

Tara River Canyon is the one of the top hiking trail in Europe. This “tear of Europe”, as it is also called, is a great natural and tourist attraction in Bosnia and Europe. Also, Tara river is great hiking destinations for you unforgettable safari experience. Tara has a perfect position between two national parks – Durmitor and Sutjeska. It’s an ideal destination for your break to rest enjoy the view. Pictures you take will represent a constant reminder of a beautiful weekend you spent in the wild and unspoiled nature.hiking

Hiking To The Last Jungle in Europe

Perucica is one of the last preserved primeval rain forests in Europe. It is located in the National Park Sutjeska, in the municipality of Foca. It is surrounded by the highest mountain peaks in BiH. Hiking into the heart of Perućica and walking its beautiful forest trails is an unforgettable experience. This jungle is full of beautiful unspoiled natural scenery, and one of them is the Skakavac, waterfall located in the heart of the rain forest over 70 meters high. In the close nerby under mountain Maglic (highest peak of BiH 2386m) it is located glacial lake on the altitude(1517m).

Hiking To Trnovacko Heart-Shaped Lake

According to the Guardian, Trnovacko Lake is new top hiking trail in the Balkans.  One of the best hiking destination for any adventure seekers is heart-shaped Trnovacko lake. Trnovacko lake its beautiful lake in the shape of a heart and a clear blue – green color is great for swimming and hiking in summertime. Mother Nature shows our romantic side creating a Heart-Shaped Look of the Lake. Trnovacko Lake is an ideal travel destination for your romantic trip. The heart shape is the symbol of love and it is no wonder that people are love to visit and hiking Trnovacko lake.

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The hike to Trnovacko lake is one of the most popular hikes in Europe.  Arrival in the morning (by 9 am) to our base camp where you have homemade breakfast and we make preparation for a day trip into nature.

We ride with our vehicles for some 1h 30min, reaching the first point (Dragoš sedlo), for a short visit to the rainforest and the viewpoint from which we see the waterfall Skakavac. After making the photos and taking a short break, we continue with the vehicles several kilometers to the Prijevor foot of the mountain Maglić. After a short break and preparation, we continue to walk further to the lake. Hiking to Trnovacko lake lasts some 2h. At the lake we take a break (1h-3h) for a snack (lunch packet) and swimming in the lake, depending on the wishes of our guests and weather conditions.

After that, return with the same hiking route to the point where hiking trail began. After returning to the base camp with lunch your arrangement ends. The arrangement can be extended or combined with some of our arrangements.

This top hiking trail with great views, relatively easy hiking trail, makes this hike appealing to so many people.