Have you heard for canyoning in Sutjeska National Park?

Canyoning in National Park Sutjeska  is a new adventure activity very popular due to the proximity of the Canyon of the river Tara, so many rafting fans can experience a new adventure. Canyoning  in the Sutjeska  National Park since 2014 is slowly being named the most extreme tourist activity in this area in addition to the many adventurous activities offered along with rafting on the Tara River.

Hrcavka canyon has two  canyoning  sections. The most popular being the last section by the old medieval fortress Todjevac, and for those who want to take on the challenge of all-day canyoning for 6-8 hours, they can experience both sections. It is ideal for canyoning because during the summer the river never dries up, it is crystal clear and drinkable, and it abounds in waterfalls and deep pools. The most attractive part of the canyon is located near Tjentiste and nearby the main road, so we can say it is accessible for this activity.

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Attractions of the Sutjeska National Park.

Sutjeska  is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She offers a variety of natural beauty as well as cultural and historical treasures. There are numerous natural attractions , including Maglic (the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Perucica primeval-forest with Skakavac waterfall, numerous glacial lakes near Zelengora mountain and only access to  Trnovacko lake  in Montenegro.

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The Sutjeska National Park  is also known for the Valley of Heroes Tjentiste. A great battle of the Second World War took place there. After the Second World War, a memorial complex was built, and a magnificent monument commemorating the Battle of Sutjeska.

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Todjevac fort is a little-known medieval fortress.

On the cliffs of the last part of the Hrcavka river canyon are the remains of the medieval fortress Todjevac. The fortress built on top. She offers a beautiful view of the entire valley. A beautiful view contributes to the attractiveness of the canyon.

The waterfall in the Hrcavka river canyon the attraction worth visiting.

Another new and little-known attraction is the Skakavac waterfall at the very exit from the Hrcavka canyon. To avoid confusion, it is the same name as the Skakavac waterfall in the Perucica rainforest. Skakavac is imposing with its height of some 20 m, so far it only catches the eye of canyoning participants.

The waterfall is only 2 km away from Tjentiste. It is very easy to visit. You just need to follow the river Hrcavka upstream to the village Todjevac, which is 1.8 km away by car. After that, another 200m on foot. After that, you need to cross to the other side of the river. This is not some problem, the depth is about 30cm. All in all, we think it worth a visit this place, especially on hot summer days. The sound of an ice waterfall, and the echo of the canyon it will be a wonderful feeling for all your senses.

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If you are for a real canyoning adventure in the Sutjeska National Park, our Outdoor Tara team is at your disposal.