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Making a reservation with Outdoor Tara is easy, the question is are you ready for some extreme action! To make a booking simply click the booking buttons below and select the trip you would like to join us on. If you have any questions please call us on +38766834105 (+38766196053) or send us an email at info@outdoortara.com


– No advance payment, you simply pay when you arrive or check out (Cash payment)

– Possible combine of arrangement or organization of the accommodation.

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Sleeping at rafting camp the day before or after the Trip is the best option to avoid any extra tiredness (such as driving etc). Do not hesitate to contact our team for any more advice. Our base camp Tara Extreme is located 8km from the border crossing Šćepan polje (BiH -Montenegro) on the M-18 road, which is going to Nikšić from Foča direction.


GPS koordinate: Latitude: 43.387060, Longitude:18.786259 DMS:43°23’13.4″N 18°47’10.5″E


Possible organization of accommodation in one of our base rafting camps.


Our base camps Tara Extreme and Tara’87 are on the road between Foča (BiH) and the border crossing of Šćepan Polje (MNE). Tara Extreme is located on the 5th kilometer from the border of MNE to Foča and Tara87 1 kilometer from the border to Foča. National Park Durmitor, National Park Sutjeska and Tara canyon are located in this environment, where all our activities are.


The rooms are in bungalow or mountain cabin style. Depending on your wishes we can offer rooms with or without bathroom (with outside showers and WC for the camp). Each room has an electrical outlet, lighting and of course clean and fresh bed sheet, (in our base camp Tara Extreme each room has a bathroom) the camp is mostly covered by the WIFI network. Idyllic accommodation on the banks of the Drina river, surrounded by mountains where you can enjoy and rest after some of the activities from our offer.


– Free Wifi

– Free parking


In our base rafting camp except the accommodation there is a restaurant with a view on the river Drina. Meals that are served are prepared according to the traditional recipe characteristic for this area, and organic foods from local farms and gardens on the slopes of the mountains that surround us. For breakfast home-made bread, cheese, sour cream (kajmak), ham and eggs. Lunch specialty from our kitchen, veal with vegetables prepared under the iron dish, homemade soup, salads. Dinner, according to your wishes grilled fish (trout) with roast potatoes or grilled plate with various meat products, pies baked under the iron dish.


Our base camp also has a bar where you can order coffee, tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, also home-made brandy, precious wines from Hercegovina and just enjoy and relax next to fireplace.


Note: If your diet excludes certain foods or you are on vegetarian diet please note in the reservation or before the start of the arrangement.


Equipment and safety

Safety on these adrenaline activity such as canyoning and rafting is our main concern and will not be compromised under any circumstances. Equipment is an essential part of every adrenaline sport and extreme nature adventure, as you can see, canyoning and rafting fits perfectly in that description. Canyoning and rafting is cool, and there is a lot of reasons to try it out, but only with necessary and important equipment.
canyoning Equipment

The environments we go to can be cold and abrasive. We offer the toughest and most robust equipment. Our wetsuits are two layer 5mm Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, so as a minimum you will be covered in 10mm of wetsuit. Our harnesses, helmets, buoyancy aids and ropes are all top quality. At our company we believe that footwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment. We provide specialised canyoning boots for all our customers, so you feel confident safe and secure in the Canyon environment.

rafting Equipment

Life Vest (PFD)

Without question the piece of equipment you will not want to forget is your life vest. The idea behind the life vest is to keep you afloat at all times.



The helmet in rafting is very important because although you might just be falling out in water you still want to have your helmet.



The best part about rafting is that everyone must do their part. Your main tool for making sure you get to contribute to getting everyone down safely is your paddle.


Also you will get neoprene shoes, neoprene suits and depends on weather rain jacket. All our equipment is EU standard.


additional info

Canyon Tara

River Tara springs under the Komovi mountain in Montenegro, with its length of 144km comes partly to BiH, and on its way carved the second deepest canyon in the world of 1300m. One part of the river flows through the National Park Durmitor where the canyon is the deepest and the last 30km of river is the border between BiH and Montenegro until the constituents where it crosses with river Piva and makes the river Drina. This pearly pure river with a lot of attractive tributaries and waterfalls is floatable for rafts and kayaks some 100 km, of which 15 last kilometers are the most attractive part with over 20 rapids. The Tara River offers many attractions that are hidden in the depths of this canyon which can be reached exclusively by boat, It is also possible to visit the highest rim of the canyon and see the canyon from another angle. Whatever you decide, you will not remain indifferent with the beauty of this river and its canyon.

National Park Durmitor

Durmitor The largest national park in Montenegro, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980. It covers the Durmitor mountain massif, the canyons of the river Tara, Draga, Susica and the highest part of the canyon valley Komarnica, from which numerous mountain peaks rise. The highest peak is Bobotov kuk 2,525 m above sea level. Durmitor adorns 18 glacier lakes called “mountain eyes”. The Tara canyon whose height is 1,300 m above the river, is the largest in Europe and a top destination for hikers and rafters. For those of the larger adrenaline spirit there is a canyoning in the Nevidio canyon that is part of the Komarnica River. Durmitor National Park is a must for all nature lovers were they rafters, hikers, or simply admirers of this oasis of untouched nature.

National Park Sutjeska

Sutjeska This unique national park is both the largest and the oldest in BiH and as a large number of our activities take place at this location, we will write out a few sentences to inform you. National Park Sutjeska is home to one of the last primeval forests in Europe under UNESCO protection with trees over 60m in height. In the middle of the primeval forest lies the Skakavac waterfall 75m high which contributes to the magic of this place. Rijeka Sutjeska carved the beautiful valley of Tjentište in the center of the park and separates the mountain Zelengora from the mountains Maglić and Volujak. The highest peak of BiH Maglić (2386m) is located on the border with Montenegro and is very attractive and challenging for mountaineers as well as for all nature lovers. In addition to the famous Trnovac Lake, which is located in Montenegro, and the only access pedestrian path is through the National Park Sutjeska, also in the park park we have a large number of not less beautiful glacial lakes. There are no words to describe every magical place in the park for this experience you need to visit one of these destinations, hear the sounds of wild nature and see for yourself the magnificent beauty of this region.

Canyoning Hrcavka

Canyoning Hrcavkom is an extraordinary activity in the National Park Sutjeska. In addition to the many beautiful places of which this park is famous, from the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the unique primeval forest Perucica, numerous glacier lakes … there is also a hidden canyon of the Hrčavka River. It has been only recently researched but already very popular because of the harsh beauty of the canyon as well as many incredible waterfalls, cascades and pools that the river shaped in this canyon. The canyon has two sections for canyoning, the first being ideal and adapted to almost everyone who knows the basic swimming skills and is ready for an adventure of 2.5h to 3.5h in unspoiled nature. The second part is long and demanding, designed for all those who are ready to spend up to 6 hours in the canyon and feel all the magic of the canyoning. It is very important to know your boundaries because, primarily, any route you choose you are here to enjoy and experience the adventurous spirit of exploration and connectivity with nature.

About canoeing

Try out a new activity in our offer for a better experience on the river Tara. Jump into one of our inflatable kayaks (whitewater canoes) and take river navigation into your own hands. Possibly you are thinking that you don’t have the skill level for this craft, but it’s not as hard as it seems. These boats are really more like a mini raft than a conventional kayak, they are easy to paddle and incredibly forgiving and stable, can be used as two-person or single person craft. White water canoe trips make a terrific alternative to hardshell kayak tours for those wanting to try something new, but not ready to hop in a kayak. At the beginning of the trip, our guides will give you instruction on how to steer them, and from there on direct you where you need to be on the river. At all times they will keep a practiced eye on how you are going. Depending on your skill level, ability to swim and water level our experienced guides will help you choose the whitewater section that meets the needs of your group. This adventure will give you a fun ride, challenge you, most probably get you wet, and ensure big, big smiles at the end of the day.

Frequently asked questions


Our base camp Tara Extreme is located 8km from the border crossing Šćepan polje (BiH -Montenegro) on the M-18 road, which is going to Nikšić from Foča direction.
GPS koordinate: Latitude: 43.387060, Longitude:18.786259 DMS:43°23'13.4"N 18°47'10.5"E


Parking is available 20m from our base camp.


For all water activities you will need swimming clothes and a towel, and any medication you would normally carry on you (eg. Ventalin, Antihistamines, Insulin). For trips away we recommend bringing a small day pack and some cash.


It depends on each activity.Gopro video footage ar provided by us, but you can of course bring yor Gopro on activity or camera for the scenic drive before and after the trip.In case you want to bring your GoPro with you for a water activity, the only place where it will be allowed during the trip is with a "flat adhesive mount" on the helmet. No chest mounts, no hand-held grips.


On our white-water trips we fit 8 passengers plus one guide.


Our base camp as well as all activities are located near the largest mountain area in BiH and Montenegro, so we recommend that you have a summer jacket with you and in case you decide to hike footwear with thick grips


The maximum weight ranges from 120kg to 130kg depending on the activity. However, it is at the discretion of the trip leader and guides as to who is physically appropriate to participate.


Sometimes outdoor activities can be affected by weather conditions but it is difficult to predict exactly how the weather will be until a few days before the trip. For any uncertainties please contact us closer to the departure date, in case the trip cannot depart we will try to either accommodate you on another date or activity or refund your booking.


Previous experience is not required, but you do need to be confident in water and confident with heights.


Group discounts are available for groups of 8 participants or more. For more information contact us.


We have showers and changing rooms at our base camps . There are no showers or changing rooms on trips away from base camps , but you may still use the facilities at our base camps before and after your trip.


Some medical conditions may prohibit you from participation but most will not. If you do have a medical condition, it is very important that that you inform our staff prior to participation. If you require medication for your condition (eg. Ventalin, Antihistamines, Insulin), you will need to bring that with you incase it is needed.


Possible organization of transportation from the airport (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Podgorica, Dubrovnik) at favorable prices.