White water rafting

Going on white water rafting is the great way to escape the grind, to enjoy beautiful nature, disconnect and spend quality time with your friends or loved ones, or even make new lifelong friends. Adrenaline that comes from the thrill of crashing through waves, is just one of the amazing benefits that white water rafting brings you. White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the entire world. There are many rafting locations that can provide visitors with a great experience, but of course, some or better than others and the Tara River is one of the most popular destinations for white water rafting in Europe.

White water rafting

What makes Tara River great for a white water rafting

Tara is 144 km long, which makes her the longest river in Montenegro.

What’s more significant about Tara River is the fact that is cut into one of the largest canyon gorges in the world and the deepest in Europe. The Tara River cuts the Tara River Canyon, the longest canyon in Montenegro and Europe and second longest in the world after Grand Canyon, at 82 kilometers in length and 1,300 meters at its deepest.

Tara is so clean that you can drink water from it and it is the largest clean water source in Europe. The whole stream receives large amounts of water from numerous sources and creates waterfalls and cascades of unusual beauty. There are more than forty cascades and the roar from the cascades is heard on the very peaks of the canyon. On the course of Tara there are rocky and gravel terraces, surrounded by thick pine forests, sandy beaches, high rocks, and more than 80 large caves.

In the Tara valleys, you can find some leftovers of the tertial flora right out of the last glacier period. Beside this flora, the plant life in the canyon is characterized by forests having very different species: cerris, ash tree, beech, black beech, and birch.

The main inhabitant of lofty peaks and stony slopes is the wild goat. Besides the wild goat, as regular inhabitants of the canyon region, there is the roe deer and wild boar. Also, it is rich in fish species. In the river the brook trout may be found, huchen, chub, the clamp, etc.

It’s no wonder that, since 1977, Tara is under the protection of UNESCO.

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Fantastic Tara Rafting Adventure

Rafting is a very popular adventure sports in the Tara River. The Tara River is a perfect compromise between wilderness, challenge, and safety. Tara river offers one of the best places for your rafting expedition locations in the world.

Ranked as level 3-5 (depending on water level-highest in April and May when rapids can reach class IV or V and lowest in September and early October), here is offered one of the most intensive and demanding rafting trips in Europe.

You can go on a one-day rafting trip or you can choose to go on a Full Canyon rafting adventure. This expedition throughout the River Tara will completely fascinate you with 2 days rafting from Đurđević Tara Bridge to the mouth of the Tara River and the Piva River. During the rafting, you will pass the deepest parts of the canyon completely hidden from civilization, stand under magical waterfalls, stroll in some caves, experience a night in the canyon and listen to the sounds of nature. You will not miss any adrenaline because at the end of your route you are expecting the most exciting part of the river for rafting. On this adventure, you will feel all the charms of the deepest canyon in Europe.

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If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature and experience Fantastic Rafting Adventure, Tara River is the right choice for you.