Tara Rafting Center

Looking for an adrenaline adventure? Look no further than the Outdoor Tara Rafting Center. With us, you can experience a unique rafting thrill in the stunning natural beauty of the Tara River. Whether you are an experienced professional or a first-time rafter, the Outdoor Tara Rafting Center has something for everyone. Book your trip today and get ready for an unforgettable experience on the rapids of the Tara River.

What is rafting?

Tara Rafting is an exciting outdoor activity that involves navigating a river or other body of water on a raft or boat. The rapids and currents of the Tara River create an exciting and challenging experience for the rafters, who must work together to steer the raft and avoid the obstacles of this beautiful river. Tara rafting can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels and is a great way to experience the beauty and power of nature.

Tara rafting center

About the river Tara

The Tara River flows through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, weaving through the spectacular Tara Gorge. At 125 miles long, it is the longest river in Montenegro and is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. The Tara River is an important source of hydropower for both countries, as well as for the irrigation of the surrounding areas. It is also a popular whitewater rafting destination, with rapids ranging from Class III to Class V. The river also hosts several species of fish such as trout, chub, and grayling.

Tara River and UNESCO

In 1980, the Tara River Canyon was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its spectacular beauty, with high cliffs and lush vegetation. It is also home to several endangered animal species, such as the Balkan ibex and the brown bear. The area around the Tara River is also a popular destination for rafting and hiking enthusiasts. Several trails lead along the river or through the canyon, offering stunning views of the river and its surroundings.

The Tara River is a unique and important natural resource in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing a source of hydropower, irrigation, and recreational opportunities for both countries. Her status as UNESCO of world heritage ensures its protection and preservation for years to come.

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 What makes Outdoor Tara Rafting Center unique?

Outdoor Tara Rafting Center offers a unique rafting experience on Tara that sets it apart from other rafting centers. Our center offers Tara rafting trips that take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the canyon of the Tara River in Europe. The rapids of the Tara River are also known for their intensity, providing an exciting adventure for even the most experienced rafters. In addition, the Outdoor Tara Center offers a variety of other outdoor activities, including hiking, canyoning, and kayaking. Our center specializes in small outdoor groups, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a unique adventure.

 What really sets the Outdoor Tara Rafting Center apart is its complete dedication to our clients and nature. Our rafting center is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Tara river canyon. When you visit the Outdoor Tara Rafting Center, you can enjoy an unforgettable rafting adventure and the unique beauty of our region.

What types of rafting adventures are available?

The Outdoor Tara Rafting Center offers a variety of Tara rafting trips to suit different levels of experience and adventure. The most popular excursion is whole-day rafting which takes you through 18 kilometers of rapids and includes a lunch break. In addition, Our waterfall rafting center offers multi-day rafting trips through the entire canyon. No matter which trip you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable waterfall rafting adventure on the Tara River.

 Tara Rafting for all experience levels

If you are a beginner or have never gone rafting before, a day trip is a great option. It’s a little less intense than a full-day trip but still offers plenty of excitement and beautiful scenery. For those who are more experienced or looking for a challenge, Tara rafting – the entire canyon is the right way. You will pass through Class III and IV rapids, with plenty of opportunities for adrenaline thrills.

And if you really want to make the most of your time outdoors, consider one of our multi-day or combo outdoor adventures. These trips include camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, giving you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Tara River region. Regardless of your experience level or sense of adventure, Outdoor Tara waterfall Rafting Center has a trip that’s perfect for you.

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What security measures are in place?

At the Outdoor Tara Rafting Center, safety is our number one priority. All our guides are certified and experienced in rafting, and we provide all the necessary safety equipment, including helmets and life jackets. Before each trip, our guides will give a safety briefing and demonstrate proper rafting techniques. We also have safety kayakers accompanying each trip to provide extra support and assistance if needed. In the unlikely event of an emergency, we have a comprehensive emergency response plan. Rest assured, you can focus on enjoying the thrill of the rapids while we take care of your safety.

Outdoor Tara waterfall rafting center

In addition to our experienced guides and safety equipment, we regularly inspect and maintain our rafts and other equipment to ensure they are in top condition. We also carefully monitor the weather and water conditions to ensure safe conditions for rafting. Our guides are trained to make decisions based of rafting condition. We will adjust the trip accordingly if necessary. We take safety seriously and want our guests to have a fun and memorable experience while feeling confident in their safety.

How do I book my Outdoor Tara rafting trip?

Booking your rafting trip at the Outdoor Tara Waterfall Rafting Center is easy! Simply visit our website and contact us. You can also call our booking line to speak to one of our friendly staff members who can help you book your trip. We require a deposit to secure your reservation, and you can pay the rest on the day of your trip. Don’t wait, book your adventure today!