One inspiring canyoning adventure for all canyoneers

The goal of most canyoneers is to search for new canyons, to conquer them and leaving nothing behind but unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Bosnia and Montenegro are countries with beautiful nature, wild rivers and wild canyons that were created by Mother Nature. Wild canyons such as the canyon Hrčavka in Bosnia and Nevidio canyon in Montenegro are ideal for adventure canyoning and unforgettable memories for true canyoneers.

Conquering these two wild canyons is the perfect recipe for one inspiring canyoning adventure for all true canyoneers.

canyoning hrcavka

Canyoneer definition and meaning

According to Collins Dictionary, a canyoneer  definition is a person who explores canyons. Being a canyoneer can be anyone. Life is short and there are so many interesting people, places and things to learn and experience. Canyoneer have unique opportunities for adventure, to learn new skills and share your canyoning adventure with your friends. All a canyoneer has to do is take own canyoneers shoes or canyoneer boots, pack your canyoning gear, gather your canyoneers and go to in unforgettable canyoning adventure.

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a great popular outdoor activity. The basic concept of canyoning is hike to the top of a canyon and then descend the canyon by any means possible. This descent involves rappelling down cliffs within the canyon. Cliffs are not the only obstacle you will find in a canyon. Great canyons for canyoning have water slides, down-climbs, “potholes” and other obstacles you will need to overcome using teamwork. This is the perfect recipe for adventure days with close friends or Team building with your work colleagues!

If you want to leave the modern-day life for a moment and enjoy the adrenaline rush, here are a few canyons that are great for all canyoneers to start own outdoor adventure.

Canyon Hrcavka – unique canyoning adventure

Canyon Hrcavka is located in the National Park Sutjeska near Tjentiste (municipality Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Strict Nature Reserve ”Perucica” one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, is part of the National park Sutjeksa. The national park also includes the highest peak of BiH called Maglic (2386m).

The canyon was conquered just a few years ago and commercial canyon tours have only been organized since 2014. Hrcavka is the last conquered canyon in Europe!

Hrcavka canyoning

Hrcavka Canyoning – true adventure for all Canyoneers

If you love adrenaline and canyoning, the magical and newly discovered Hrčavka River Canyon is the right place for you. The Hrcavka has many of the various cascades, Canyoning waterfalls, wonderful rappels, waterslides and natural pools of crystalline water. It is right places to test your a canyoning waterfall rappel skills. If you are ready for 6h in the canyon and you wish to feel like a real canyoneer, than Hrcavka canyon it is right place for you. Canyon Hrcavka is a great place to have an unforgettable canyoning adventure.

Canyon Nevidio – adrenaline challenge for true canyoneers

With us, all canyoneers have a unique opportunity to explore the wild places in Bosnia, such as Canyon Hrcavka and Canyon Nevidio in Montenegro.

Canyon Nevidio is a part of the river canyon Komarnica which is located on the mountain Durmitor near Savnik in Montenegro. Village Poscenje make this area even prettiest with two glacier lakes where we have break and deserved lunch after canyoning. Nevidio is 1700m long and in some places more than 450m deep. The height difference is 125m . Nevidio got name because of the fact that there are very narrow passages and once you’re inside in canyon you can barely see the skies. Canyon has many canyoning waterfalls, dark passages, cascades, slippery and sharp rocks, labyrinths and river whirlpools.

Canyoning in in the  Nevidio canyon is a dream come true for all Canyoneers. It is absolutely unforgettable life experience

Outdoor Tara Team

We are outdoor adventure company. Through the season (early – May to late – September) we offer a diverse range of outdoor programs including canyoning, hiking, rafting and more! All our guides speak English, also they are licensed by ICOpro (international canyoning organization for professionals) and IRF (international rafting federation). With us, all canyoners have a unique opportunity to explore the wild places in Bosnia, such as Canyon Hrcavka and Canyon Nevidio in Montenegro and enjoy a beautiful canyoning adventure.