Canyoning Adventure

Canyoning is a form of adventure sports that combines swimming, hiking, climbing all together to give you the ultimate adventure experience. Here people raft through water without boats; in other words, people jump into the water and flows with it. When canyoning, canyoners navigate their way by climbing over the rocks, then sliding through it and ultimately swimming with the streams.

There are various levels of canyoning, and people from different age groups can enjoy the sport. When you measure the difficulty of the activity, you must keep in mind two things, the first is the amount of water, and the second is the number of vertical obstacles in the path. If you are a beginner, then it is best that you avoid rappels and modify your way and make a more accommodating path for you. If you are pro in this, then you can go for advanced canyoning as well.

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The Best Time of The Year for Canyoning adventures

When you are going for canyoning, you need to make sure that you go when the water is comfortable. So, the best time to enjoy this activity is in the summer as the weather remains quite delightful this time. When you are canyoning, you will be wet most of the time, so you need to make sure that you went there when the water level is appropriate, and the temperature stays ideal for the activity.

The water level of the river depends on the winter precipitation, so if you are making plans for the trip, you should consider canyoning in Bosnia from April to September. It is the best time of the year for canyoning because of the water level, as well as the temperature, stays moderate this time. At the very beginning of the summer, the water level tends to be a bit higher, so it becomes the best time for people to try some cool adventures.

Everyone can go for this adventure and try some fun activity in the gorge when the summer settles because this time, the water, as well as the weather, reaches its culminating point. However, once the summer is gone and autumn hits, the volatile climate proceeds.

Prepare Yourself for Canyoning – A Lifetime Adventure

Preparing for The Activity

As you already know, the activity needs lots of physical energy. So, before all the adventure begins, you have to make yourself appropriate for the occasion. Think of doing exercise, which will boost your stamina.

Carrying A Water Bottle

When you are canyoning, you will have to go for rigorous physical exercise. In the meantime, you can be exhausted. So, to avoid dehydration, you need to carry a water bottle with you and make sure you sip from time to time.

Get the Information

You need to know where you are going and have a basic outline of the place. So, before the trip, gather all the necessary information and, if possible, get a map of that place.

Selecting the Right Canyons

There are various places for waterfall canyoning. However, you must make sure that you choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Pick the site that matches your ability.

Go with The People You Trust

In this adventure, you will face lots of challenges, which is the best part of the trip. However, when you are going in such a challenging place, make sure you go with the people whom you trust.

Do Not Forget Your Camera

When you are going for waterfall canyoning, then the one thing that you can not forget to pack is your camera. Here you will make memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So, what is the best way to cherish them than to capture?

The Equipment You Need for Canyoning

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Often canyoners wear a wetsuit. They especially wear it in the places which are unusually cold, wet, and sincere. If you need to swim a lot on the trip, then you may think of wearing the wetsuit. On top of that, you will always get an extra layer of warmth with the wetsuit, and the heat becomes essential if you plan to spend a couple of hours in the cold water of canyon Hrcavka canyon where it barely sees the light of the day.


In general, canyons are slippery, and most of the time, wet. The rocks in the brook gather algae and moss that makes the rook often tricky.So, to properly walk on the trip, you need to make sure that you have proper shoes. If you are a novice in the field, you can go for the volley sneakers. They are the easiest and cheapest option available in the market. However, if you consider yourself a pro, then you may want to buy something more expensive and professional gear. When selecting the best shoes for yourself, then it is best that you avoid joggers. They will be worn out very soon, and they also lack the grip that you need when you are on the adrenaline adventure of yours.


The moment you talk about shoes, the next thing that comes to your mind is socks. You can easily go with a pair of woolen socks if you are looking for an affordable option. On the other hand, you can also opt for more professional thermal socks. They can provide you with more exceptional warmth and also reduces the chance of getting blisters.


Instead of a regular wetsuit, some canyoners like to wear thermal underwear. These products do not create any problem in your movement, and they are cheap as well. Nevertheless, here is the pro tip when you are buying thermals for yourself, go with the more affordable option. The harsh atmosphere of the canyon can easily make some wholes in the thermals. So, if you buy the cheap one, then you do not have to worry much about them, and you can enjoy your trip.

Special Helmet for Canyoning

When you are on the canyoning trip, then you need to make sure that you protect your head all the time. That is why it becomes one of the most important gears to pack in your luggage. When purchasing the helmet, check whether it is certified for canyoning or not.

Technical Merchandise

When you are canyoning, you also need some industrial goods. It includes anchors, harness ropes, and so on.


Often people need this when they like to climb down safely from the cliff. When purchasing a line, consider buying a Beal rope. They are designed mainly for doing canyoning.


This product is essential gear when canyoning. A harness must have the mountaineering comfort and a shape that has the abrasion-resistance feature and shaped unusually for canyoning.

Waterproof Bags

When you have a waterproof bag, then you can keep your possessions, such as electronic gadgets, spare clothes, and other things. When you use a bag, you are free to use your hands, and therefore you can carry a lot more items much easier. Along with that, the bags are lightweight too, so there would be no problem even if you are carrying little more.

Hrcavka Canyon – The Best Place for adventure

If you are an adrenaline rush lover, then Hrcavka canyoning is the best adventure option for you. If your definition of fun and adventure is to jump off the cliffs into the bubbling brooks and swim through it, then this choice is especially for you. Here you can climb in the deep pools, climb a mountain, swim through fast streams, and do many more. You can also do rock hopping as well as rope works here in the Hrcavka.

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A Real Adventure Waiting for You in Hrcavka Canyon

Canyoning is massive fun for a person who like adventure as it has various challenges. Along with physical fitness, it can also improve mental health by boosting self-confidence among people.

The Hrcavka river canyon is located near Tjentiste and in the National Park Sutjeska. If you are a nature lover and if forest always enchants you, then you will be glad to know that Reserve “Perucica” is one of the last remaining ancient woodlands that still exists in Europe. Here in the national park, you can also observe the highest peak of BiH named Maglic.

Here Is A Brief Outline of The Canyoning in Hrcavka Canyon


1. Difficulty: Beginner (you need some necessary swimming skills)

2. Location: Southeast Bih, National Park Sutjeska–Foca

3. Canyon Passing: 3 to 4 Hours

4. Season: April to October (Depending on the water level)

5. Canyon Length: Around 2 KM

These are all the things that you need to know when you are going for canyoning in Hrcavka. However, the sports include lots of physical activity, so before hitting the road, make sure that you are 100 percent fit. If you suffer from the problem of dizziness, then it is best to take advice from your doctor, and after that, you go on this trip. Even if you do not have any problem, it is still advised to consult a doctor beforehand descending from high cliffs.