What is Canyoning

Canyoning (or “Canyoneering“) is an exciting sport in which adventurers explore wild canyons from point A to point B. To get there, they must use a combination of hiking, scrambling, climbing, rappelling, wading, and swimming techniques.

Usually, Canyoning requires ropes, harnesses, and other specialized equipment.  According to Red Bull, Canyoning is the One of the world’s fastest growing adventure sports.

It’s basically the descent of a river canyon like Hrcavka using various techniques and methods. Canyoning is the ultimate adrenaline adventure for everyone who likes, jumping, swimming, water sliding, abseiling in clear water and walking in wild nature.

What we need for canyoning?

For canyoning we dont need any special experience. We only need the good will and desire for adrenaline adventure. After wearing a vest, helmet and neoprene pants and a shirt, your expedition can begin.

Canyoning Hrcavka ultimate guide

Hrčavka is a river in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a part of the National Park Sutjeska.  Hrčavka is the largest tributary of the Sutjeska river. It springs between the mountain ridge of Zelengora at an altitude of 1,570 meters, and in Sutjeska it falls at an altitude of 530 meters. It runs through its entire length through the National Park “Sutjeska”, and the altitude difference from the source to the confluence with Sutjeska is 1,030 meters.

National Park Sutjeska

The National Park Sutjeska is a national park located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. NP Sutjeska established in 1962 year.  National park Sutjeska is home to some of the most beautiful wild canyon in Europe. Rainfall and winds have, throughout the thousands of years, carved out deep gorges in the rock creating a beautiful wild landscape of rivers, waterfalls, and pools hidden in the rainforest Perucica and National Park Sutjeska. 2017, The prestigious US magazine Gear patrol ranked National Park “Sutjeska” among The 25 Best Places to Travel in 2017.

national park sutjeska

Rainforest Perucica

The primeval forest Perucica also called „the lungs of Europe“, spreads at 1434 ha. The Perucica Rainforest is home to more than 170 species of trees and shrubs, and over 1,000 species of herbaceous plants – many of which are endemic species. This unique and diverse ecosystem has been declared a location of special scientific interest.

Rainforest Perucica is considered as the location of special scientific interest. 2017, Bosnia nominated Rainforest Perucica for the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The Perucica Rainforest is home to more than 170 species of trees and shrubs, and over 1,000 species of herbaceous plants – many of which are endemic species. This unique and diverse ecosystem has been declared a location of special scientific interest.

Rainforest Perucica

What makes the Canyon Hrcavka one of the best Canyoning destination?

The Hrcavka canyon is one of the most gorgeous wild canyons, located in the National Park Sutjeska.  The narrow canyon of the river Hrcavka has many verticals (up to 10m), waterfalls, deep natural pools, and waterslides. Hrcavka is the ideal place for canyoning adventure and we use various alpine gear, jumps (up to 5m) and swimming to overcome this wild canyon.

Quite often we’ll abseil or rappel down waterfalls. We can jump many times in the water and we can slide down. There’s also a lot of swimming, walking and climbing throw this beautiful canyon Hrcavka. It’s all of that stuff thrown together.

national park sutjeska

Waterfall Skakavac

In the almost inaccessible canyon of Hrcavka, there is a unique waterfall Skakavac.

Skakavac waterfall is formed on the Perućica primeval forest. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the Bosnia, at about 75 meters (246 ft) in height. View from Vidikovac (a look point) to Perućica and Skakavac waterfall, which fells down from the height of 75 meters, makes every man pleased and happy to be the part of this iconic nature.

If you want a travel adventure and the advent of adrenaline, exploring wild wildlife and access to deep cliffs, then canyoning Hrcavka is the really great experience and right thing for you.

Canyoning Hrcavka  – ultimate adrenaline adventure

Canyoning Hrcavka is the ultimate adrenaline adventure with a lot of jumping, swimming, water sliding, and abseiling in green water, hiking in wild nature for everyone. Discover canyon Hrcavka in complete safety with Outdoor Tara professional guides.

canyoning guide

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Outdoor Tara

Don’t forget, Life is a big adventure and a trip with Canyoning Hrcavka should definitely be a part of it!

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