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Canyoneering Nevidio: Ultimate challenge for True canyoneers

What Is Nevidio Canyoneering?

Great question! Nevidio canyoneering  actually takes place in Montenegro. Canyon Nevidio is a part of the river canyon Komarnica which is located on the mountain Durmitor near Savnik (Montenegro). Village Poscenje make this area even prettiest with two glacier lakes.

Nevidio canyon is the last conquered canyon in Europe. Until the mid-twentieth century, this canyon has been a mystery to many locals and travelers. It is 4 km long with height of 400 meters, many waterfalls, dark passages, cascades, slippery and sharp rocks, labyrinths and river whirlpools. Through the Nevidio canyon, more than couple thousand domestic and foreign tourists pass through each year, who are curious to discover his secrets are mostly stunned by his wild beauty and undesirability. Canyon Nevidio is a dream come true for all Canyoneering enthusiasts.

Canyoneering adventure


National park Durmitor

Durmitor is the National Park of Montenegro covering 39,000 hectares and massifs in northwestern Montenegro, which reaches a height of 2522 meters/Bobotov Kuk peak. Durmitor is the most beautiful and largest mountain in Montenegro. The Durmitor National Park, with its breathtaking beauty, has created glaciers and is filled with numerous rivers and underground streams. Massive Durmitor surrounds in the north, the magnificent Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon of Europe, to the west of the unusual beautiful Piva canyon and the exciting canyon of Komarnica in the south.

The diversity and unspoiled nature of Durmitor is the ideal destination for all lovers of adrenaline adventure, hiking and active holidays. Durmitor national park is under UNESCO protection.
Durmitor provides many opportunities for adventure and adrenaline action. There are many on Durmitor:

1. Easy walks to the beautiful parts of the natioanal park Durmitor,
2. Tara River Rafting and
3. Adrenaline canyoning adventure in the Nevidio canyon,

The Nevidio Canyon is located at the far south of the Durmitor massif. The Nevidio Canyon is a unique canyoneering (or  canyoning) challenge for all who like canyoning and high adrenaline action. Canyon Nevidio is the ultimate challenge for all  true canyoneers.


Ultimate challenge for true canyoneers

Today, canyoneering or canyoning is typically practiced around the world. It is most popular in Europe and the United States. According to Red Bull, Canyoning is the One of the world’s fastest growing adventure sports.

There are many places for canyoneering:

1. Canyons in Colorado,
2. Rocky mountains,
3. The Sierra Nevada,
4. Arizona,
5. British Columbia,
6. Mexico and
7. Hawaii

It is great places for canyoneering. Forget them all. The canyon Nevidio is the ultimate challenge for all true canyoneers. For the conquest of the Nevidio canyon, a “loop” really needed.
Prepare yourself,  for your “Infinity war” with forces off wild nature. During the Nevidio canyoneering adventure, you will lose the notion of time. You will feel as if you are an eternity spent in the depths of the canyon. When you reach the narrowest part of the Nevidio canyon where the sky is almost not visible, Don’t forget that you don’t have a Thor mystic hammer.

You must break the unrealistic silence of the canyon and boldly jump into rapids of wild rivers.
Jump after a jump, step by step, you will get to the most exciting challenge, jump from the rock as high as 11 meters. You can test your bravery by jumping at 11 meters or rolled down with a rope. After completing your canyoneering adventure, you will feel proud and happy. The “war” with wild nature ends.

Congratulations, you are true canyoneers. Anyone who has visited Nevidio at least once said that passing through the canyon is an invaluable experience.

Outdoor Tara Canyoneering team

The Nevidio canyon is visited exclusively only organized, with the presence of our professional guides. All Outdoor Tara guides is a professional, qualified and certified and speak English. Also,  they are licensed by ICOpro (International canyoning organization for professionals).

We only use the best professional canyoneering equipment, world-known manufacturers:
1. Seland Canyoning equipment
2. Beal Technical equipment
3. Petzl Technical equipment
4. Aventure Verticale canyoning equipment

The equipment used for passing is of the highest quality. The equipment used for passing is of the highest quality.

Last Canyoneering Battle

After our successful adventure and return to the camp, the last canyoneering battle is waiting for us. We must fight with delicious food and local specialties kitchen.

Canyoneering food


Meals served and prepared according to the traditional recipes. All foods are organic. Organic food grown naturally on local farms. Farms located on the slopes of the mountains.



Our goal is to get out from canyon Nevidio with a taste of victory and a smile on your face. We hope you book a trip with us soon!