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Outdoor Adventure in Bosnia

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Bosnia is a country with incredible natural landscapes. From the beautiful mountain lakes,  the always-breathtaking panorama of the National Park Sutjeska, and to ancient Perucica forest. Bosnia is one of the most beautiful regions of Europe for outdoor adventures. With your own white water rivers like the Tara river and wild canyon-like Hrcavka, Bosnia is a great choice for all outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning, hiking, canyoning and canoeing.

5 Best Outdoor Activities in Bosnia

If outdoor adventure is your number one priority, these places are perfect for you.

1. Tara River Rafting

Rafting is very popular on Tara River. Tara River is the wildest white water river, the most beautiful and the clearest mountain river in Bosnia. Also called “The Tear of Europe”. Due to the canyon of Tara River is 1,330 m deep. Tara has the deepest canyon in Europe. Therefore the second deepest in the world after the Grand Canyon in Arizona, with its Colorado River.

Class of the River is from 2 to 4 depending on water levels, in May and June is the actual rafting on the wild waters until July, August, and September when is light and ideal for a family rafting adventure. This rafting trip will pleasantly surprise you by stunning wild and unforgettable landscapes.

Tara River rafting offers an unforgettable Outdoor Adventure experience for your whole life.

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2. Canyoning Hrcavka

Canyoning is one of the most popular extreme sports and involves overcoming the canyon by swimming, jumping from waterfalls, climbing, sliding, using a rope.

Hrcavka river canyon is located in the National Park Sutjeska near Tjentiste (municipality Foca). The Strict Nature Reserve ”Perucica” one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, is part of the park. National park Sutjeska also includes the highest peak of BiH called Maglic (2386m).

Canyoning Hrcavka is the best outdoor adventure for adrenaline lovers. If scaling cliffs only to jump off them into bubbling rapids and scramble to the other side of the river is your idea of fun, then canyoning in the river Hrcavka is the outdoor adventure for you. 

The canyon has many verticals (up to 10m), waterfalls, deep natural pools and water slides which we overcome by using alpine gear, jumps (up to 5m) and swimming (to 10m).

3. Canoeing on Tara River

According to Britannica, Canoeing, the use for sport, recreation, or competition of a canoe, kayak, or foldboat, all small, narrow, lightweight boats propelled by paddles and pointed at both ends.

Canoeing on the river Tara will give you a lot of fun and challenges as you steer your canoe. If you are a person that looks for a little more excitement than canoeing on the river Tara is the perfect choice for you. Previous experience is not necessary because canoe (inflatable kayak) is very stable, designed for two people and as easy as possible to steer.

Going through the deepest parts of the canyon completely hidden from civilization, standing under magical waterfalls and enjoying the breathtaking nature that Tara offers, you will feel all the charms of the deepest canyon in Europe.

4. Tara hiking and photo safari

If you are a traveler looking for a new hiking trail then Tara River Canyon is an ideal destination for yours. Hiking the Tara River Canyon is a gorgeous outdoor travel adventure. The Tara River Canyon is 1.333 m deep, making it the deepest in Europe, and the second deepest in the world, after the Colorado canyon. Most of the Tara River (including its canyon) is under UNESCO protection as part of the Durmitor National Park. The last nearly 40 km is on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Tara River Canyon is the top hiking trail in Europe. The clean air and untouched nature of mount Tara make it a perfect place for any outdoor activity you could imagine.  There are over 20 marked hiking and mountaineering trails on Tara.

It’s an ideal destination for your break to rest enjoy the view. Pictures you take on your Tara hiking and photo safari will represent a constant reminder of a beautiful weekend you spend in the wild and unspoiled nature.

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5. Hiking Trnovacko Lake

According to the Guardian, Trnovacko Lake is new top hiking trail in the Balkans.  One of the best hiking destinations for any outdoor adventure seekers is heart-shaped Trnovacko lake. Trnovacko lake its beautiful lake in the shape of a heart and a clear blue–green color is great for swimming and hiking in the summertime. Trnovacko lake is the most beautiful lake in the entire region.  Its mountain waters are of glacial origin and the color of emeralds, great for swimming. Lakes surface mirror creates a relaxing and fascinating image.

This top hiking trail with great views, relatively easy, makes this hike appealing to so many people.

Hiking Trnovacko Lake

Choose Your Own Combo Outdoor Adventure

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